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Atarangi Muru

Maori Healer
Kia Ora, My name is Atarangi Muru and I am a Maori Healer. I come from Aotearoa New Zealand which is located in the South Pacific Ocean. I am affiliated to the Ngati Kuri, Te Aupouri and Te Rarawa tribes. I was raised in the small, remote, coastal community of Ahipara. My name translates as ata dawn rangi light. Today I help people return to the dawning light that is at the core of their cells and reignite the memory of wellness and joy. My passion for the Maori healing arts was first ignited by my elders. The teachings of the Maori Healers are from the wisdom of the Maori people, going back thousands of years. Maori Healing theories and practices are used to enhance one’s health and embrace holistic wellbeing, facilitating the discovery and mastery of oneness with the universe. My healing training started at an early age as it did for many others in those times. Being taught at the knees of my many Kuia (Elder women) and Koroua (Elder men), is the traditional method. Today I pass these healing arts forward to my children, my grandchildren and my extended family both biological and spiritual

Sessions with Atarangi Muru (1)

Maori Healing

Broadcast on March 07, 2014
Hosted by Stephen Dinan
With Atarangi Muru & Manu Korewha

Manu Korewha

Maori Healer
Manu Korewha began his healing journey at a young age, alongside his great great great grandparents in New Zealand’s Waipoua forest. He first heard of, and then met, Papa Joe around 1994. They worked together on many projects such as the spiritual cleansing of land, schools, homes and people. At the invitation of Atarangi Muru, he began traveling with the Maori Healers in 2004. Manu is Ngaa-Puhi, one of New Zealand’s largest tribes, and he can trace his lineage back 89 generations. The Maori Healers are a family unit, they assist people collectively by tapping into the universal lores, which they are well versed in. 

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