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Lic. Leonides Quiróz

Lic. Leonides Quiróz was interviewed live at the Indigenous Summit of the Americas (Cumbre de Abya Yala) in Panama City, Panama in April 2015.

Sessions with Lic. Leonides Quiróz (1)

An Indigenous Perspective on Development

Broadcast on November 19, 2015
With Lic. Leonides Quiróz

Leonides is a Wounaan (one of the 65+ Indigenous groups in Panama) attorney working to create collective lands. He discusses some important issues that many Indigenous people around the world are forced to deal with, such as discrimination, land rights, the fight over natural resources, being excluded from “development” decisions that affect their territories and people, two-faced politicians and so much more. He offers that Indigenous people are part of the fight against global climate change. As he said, “We want to give at a global level. We want to contribute.”

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