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The 13 International Indigenous Grandmothers How the Vatican Legalized the Doctrine of Discovery

Broadcast on November 19, 2014
Hosted by Phil Lane
With Grandmother Mona Polacca

Grandmother Mona Polacca will share powerful stories about how her elders predicted and prepared her for the current global challenges. Mona will then talk about how she became part of the 13 International Indigenous Grandmothers and how this council of elders, guided by Spirit, is taking action around the world. One of the main initiatives Mona will discuss is how the Grandmothers are calling on the Vatican to renounce the Papal Bulls of the 1400s which became the legal groundwork for the Doctrine of Discovery that resulted in the atrocities committed against Indigenous Peoples around the world.

Grandmother Mona Polacca

Member of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Council

Grandmother Mona, a Hopi/Havasupai/Tewa elder, has a Master of Social Work degree. She serves on several United Nations' committees on Indigenous people's issues and is a featured author, speaker and educator on Indigenous people's human rights, aging, mental health, addiction and violence. She is also the president/CEO and faculty of the Turtle Island Project, a non-profit program that promotes a vision of wellness by providing transcultural training to individuals, families and healthcare professionals. "Indigenous people have come through a time of great struggle, a time of darkness. The way I look at it is like the nature of a butterfly. In the cocoon, a place of darkness, the creature breaks down into a fluid and then a change, a transformation, takes place. When it is ready and in its own time, it begins to move and develop a form that stretches and breaks away from this cocoon and emerges into this world, into life, as a beautiful creature. We grandmothers, we have emerged from that darkness, see this beauty, see each other and reach out to the world with open arms, with love, hope, compassion, faith and charity."

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